Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection awards Komunalac for achievements in the field of environmental protection

On June 24, 2016, GKP Komunalac entered the project „Smart management for clean environment“ for the tender of the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection „Public Tender awarding the achievements in the field of environmental protection in 2016“.


The Commission of the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection decided to award the achievements in the field of environmental protection for 2016 and Komunalac won the award and recognition in category A) Business sector, for extraordinary organizations or groups of organizations with a strategic vision and management system, which enables them to continuously improve environmental features.
Through introducing new technologies, applications and modernized implementations, Komunalac has influenced the planning and the design of our area in a simple, efficient and environmentally acceptable way for many years now. During this year Komunalac has introduced a number of innovative services and by constantly investing in the new technologies and innovative systems, it continues to fulfill its mission to maintain the highest level of quality of life and the environment.


Komunalac has contributed towards spatial planning of the city of Koprivnica and the citizens’ quality of life by acquiring a new two-chamber vehicle, tanks for waste disposal Bigbelly and Bigbelly Smart, tanks for simultaneous and separate collection of municipal waste, universal vehicle MUVO, tank for dangerous waste, a new roto-sieve, 500 plastic composters distributed free of charge and a mobile application “” (“Patch it up”), all of which contribute to the protection of the environment.


The Management has recognized a great significance of protecting the environment and through it, the improvement of the company’s operations. The purchase of new, modernized technologies, enabled savings in energy, fuel and storage space. By sorting and recycling large amounts of waste, as is the case of our recycling yard and composters, materials are reused, the company has additional sources of revenue and the negative influence on the environment is reduced.


This recognition and the award of the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection is only another confirmation that Komunalac follows the world trends and that it is ecologically oriented in its approach and the quality of the services it provides for the customers.


Temeljem Odluke Uprave broj: 2614/17. od 21. 02. 2017. godine Gradsko komunalno poduzeće Komunalac d.o.o. objavljuje:

JAVNI NATJEČAJ za predlaganje programa i projekata od interesa za opće dobro koje provode udruge i druge neprofitne organizacije za 2017. godinu

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