Natural gas utilities

In accordance with legal regulations, GKP Komunalac LLC Koprivnica provides energy services, including providing gas for final customers, for which we received the permission of the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HERA).


In accordance with legislation, since January 01 2012, the new method of calculating the delivered gas (Article 53 of the Ordinance on Natural Gas Market Organization (OG 126/10 and 128/11) and Article 95 of the General Conditions of Natural Gas Supply (OG 43/09).
From then on, a unit of measurement for the supplied gas is “kWh” instead of “Sm³”.


When converting a standard cubic meter of gas (Sm³) to kWh, we use prescribed conversion factor 9.2607 (kWh / Sm³). That factor increases or decreases in contrast to the measured net calorific value of the supplied gas for the corresponding period, in relation to a standard calorific value gas of 33.33835 (MJ / Sm³). Consequently, the energy of delivered gas (E) at the end of the accounting period is calculated by dividing the amount of the supplied gas (Sm³) multiplied by the average net calorific value gas (Hds,pros- rounded to six decimal places), set to account for the corresponding accounting period and shown as whole number using the following formula:

E (kWh) = V (Sm³) • Hds,pros (kWh/Sm³)


E (kWh) = delivered quantity energy of gas for the accounting period rounded to the whole number

V (Sm³) = amount (volume) of delivered gas determined by reading the measuring device for the accounting period rounded to the whole number

Hds, pros (kWh/Sm³) = average measured net calorific value of the gas, determined for the accounting period, rounded to the six decimal places


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